Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sharing the love.

After recently joining Julia Usher's cookie site

 I was amazed to see of the amount of cookie makers out in the real world.
 In the weeks since the site's launch we are over 900 members strong and every day more cookie bakers are signing up to join the best place on the internet for all of us to be under one collective united umbrella. Thus far over 1800 cookie photos have been shared. I was thrilled for 3 days to have some of my cookies at top 5  twice.

This is the 5th cookie under the heading of Hottest Cookie of the Day!

  For the month one of my sets is top 6 so far.Talk about being thrilled to tears!  This only reinforces me to continue to learn and create and hopefully make new friends while sharing my passion.

Baking and designing cookies is a form of creative expression. It is as endless as your imagination.
There are so many ways to take a piece if dough and transform it into something delightful and artistic not to mention delicious.
I choose to work with Fondant , not Royal Icing for the time being.
And the therapeutic value to this also amazing.

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