Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentines Day Cookies

     Before I show you my first set of cookies for 2014 I wanted to give a warm congratulations to Nantucket Delicacy Set by Rebecca at The Cookie Architect 
who was the winner of Best Cookie 2013. Again it was my honor to be among the top 10 for the year at Cookie Connection. I can not thank everyone enough for their support through out the year. It is your support and encouragement that gives me the motivation to keep creating and improving myself.

     So with Valentine's Day just around the corner I created some cookies which reflect the romantic vision I have of this special day.

Enjoy the photos and wishing everyone a wonderful loved filled Valentines Day.

Since posting this article two of my Valentine cookies submitted to the Cookie Connection site were spotlighted and received the coveted honor of being featured for the week!


  1. What a great surprise Tina: you have a blog too!!!
    This set of Valentine's Day cookies is gorgeous: rich, classy and full of love! I wish you a sweet day, Evelin ^__^

  2. I am full of surprises. Yes I started this blog a while back. I would love to link our blogs and share your tutorials if that is possible. I would also like to add your calling card, too! xoxoxox

  3. Your cookies are so precious, elegant and romantic!! Congratulations Tina!