Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sugar Wishes: A review of 2014!

Before going forward into 2015 I want to recap the past year events that I have left undocumented.

And my wishes  I hope for a year that will be full of  sweet growth for all of us!


One of my accomplishments and honors for 2014  was that I was Spotlighted several times in Cookie Connection - a site that gives me the encouragement and friendship to continue to move forward on this sweet journey of mine. These are a few of the sets that have been spotlighted . For a more complete glance of my work check out my page at Cookie Connection 


Way back in late May I had the wonderful privilege of having one of my favorite cookie people come and visit me, all the way from Serbia, Natasa Belic from Art & Honey. We had a terrific time together sharing our love of making and decorating cookies and sharing tips and tricks with each other. Besides the cookies a lifelong friendship was established. One of the wonderful benefits I have had on this sweet journey is meeting great people.

It's a secret !

Natasha (Left) and me! 

Some cookies we worked on together.

I believe one of the most important thing I did that was cookie related was a class that I taught in September in Korce, Albania. It was a wonderful experience. Seven young woman living in a safe house with loads of creative energy came together to learn the art of decorating beautiful cookies in hopes of using their knowledge to earn an income for the safe house.
Eager to learn!

Beginning of class.

First time cookies? Amazing.
Beautiful results!
 The girls were introduced to fondant. They learned how to roll it, use molds and impression mats , to cut and decorate it, how to make  flowers and use pedal dusts. They also learned to make RI ,to outline, flood and to do wet on wet techniques. They were happy with the results and so was I. It was a marvelous first teaching experience.


A fabulous growth experience for me was when I went to Hungary to spend 5 full days learning from the famous Aniko Vargane Orban in October. It took me a full day to get there and another to get home but it was a trip of a lifetime and the friendships I made will be forever.
Aniko and Deji Ajayi

Margit Jakabffy and Rita Kun

Busy learning piping techniques.

Aniko and me

One of my gingerbread creations

More of my work.

Once again I was honored to be published in one of Greece's National Baking Magazines "Real Foods" Christmas issue. It was a bitter sweet issue since the publisher passed away right before it's release. I will fondly remember Alexia Alexiadou as she was one of the main people that encouraged and applauded my work. 


Of course I work on my Sugar Wishes Bouquet business
 while keeping my home , family and cookie passion in check. You can always check out my work on my FB page Sugar Wishes 

So until my next post Wishing everyone a wonderful 2015 full of health, happiness and all sweet things! Kisses

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