Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Sugar Cookies

     Actually made some Sugar cookies today with my daughter. I wanted to show her how to make and work with fondant and use my new cookie cutters and stamps.
      The cookie recipe is from Signature Sweet Shoppe. Jenny Arata has her own  cookie business in California and gives great tips and tricks on her various videos on youtube. 
      I got the cookie cutters and other goodies from Cake by Samantha Shop in Athens. Ordering from her was easy and things were shipped and received immediately at reasonable prices.She is an artist making fabulous cakes.
      The fondant actually turned out really well and much easier to work with thn other recipes I have tried.
      It was a really nice project giving me time with my 23 year old daughter, Nanna, who is never too old to learn fun things and just being together was worth the effort. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks Jenny. Coming from you I consider that a great compliment since you are the guru of cookie making and my first inspirations came from you. Even though we are across the world from each other, though your youtube videos I learned volumns of how to make and decorate cookies. And through Facebook we have become friends. T