Thursday, January 3, 2013

Home-made Cake Pop Tutorial

Home-made Cake Pops

by Tina Tsourtsoulas

   "This is not my usual postings of my candy bouquets. This is a picture tutorial I did of making cake pops that can easily be put into buckets for birthday parties and baptisms I wanted to share.
These were made with my daughter on some downtime just hanging and being creative together. Something I treasure. Enjoy!" T

     A wonderful project creating something fun and delicious. Although they are easy to make they ARE time consuming so a little patience is an important ingredient.
     Box cake mixes and ready made icing now available in Greece make the basic pop easy enough. Bake the cake as usual and add a tub of icing, mixing the two together until it becomes like a sticky play dough.

Put the cooled cake into a bowl

Add icing
Mix well

In the meantime melt chocolate over boiling water on the stove
While the chocolate melts you will begin to roll small balls of the cake mixture with clean dry hands. You may have to rewash your hands several times during this procedure since the mixture is sticky. 
I used a melon scoop to get a balanced amount in each ball.
Place on a tray with a non stick baking paper
And roll 
And roll- a box  cake mix should give about 35 balls.
By this time the chocolate has melted

You get out your cake pop sticks

Dipped them in the melted chocolate
And stick it into the cake ball. Repeat this until all the balls have a stick and put the tray of cake balls into the freezer for 45 minutes. 
While the cake pops are chilling gather your candies topping and colored sugars
Now gently dipped each pop into the chocolate mixture which is continuously over low heat
letting any excess  chocolate drip off for a few seconds before you begin to decorate
Using your imagination sprinkle the hot chocolate coated pop with different toppings
And stand to dry
One by one
Coat and decorate until they outer layer is dry.
Now bag them
Add a ribbon  and you have created a joyful treat!

I hope this tutorial helps you to create something special!

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