Wednesday, November 25, 2015

SugarWishesGreece on TSU (dot) co


There is a relatively new social platform called TSU( pronounced Sue) . I joined up about a month ago and have slowly built a new group of friends ( and found some old ones there too).

     What makes this a special place for me is that I have streamlined my friends to sugar artists . This way I am able to see all the posts of other sugar artists and not just what comes across my news-feed. And more important they see me. In one month I had 2961 views on my few posts, made 178 friends and have over 220 followers.

     Entry to the site is by invite only so anyone wanting to join can use my code SugarWishesGreece to access entry.  

     The site claims to give back 90% of their advertising income to the site members but this month I racked up $1.43  spending about 5-10 minutes a day surfing, commenting and posting on the site. Surely not a place to get rich quick. But that is not my purpose, It's just a perk to being a member of the site. Since posting this 2 weeks ago I am now up to $2.13 cents. Way to go! <3 How fun!
Update: it is not January 20th. Less than 2 months since I began my TSU site and I am up to $3.42 cents. More then this blog made but definitely it's not a way to get rich quick!

     So anyone looking for something new , somewhere will your comments will be heard by the people who follow you come over and give it a try. 

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