Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Cookies Continue

I went with a traditional Christmas pallet of red, green, gold and white for this group of cookies. The lift in the cheeks is a simple technique of adding addition RI to already pipped icing after the base coat has had a chance to sit for a few minutes pushing the tip into the softly crusted icing and adding additional icing. It helps if the additional icing used to give depth is a bit thicker then the flood icing used. The fine piping was done with a 0 tip and using my Kitchen Squires Professional icing and the after drying using a flat brush I paint gently over the gold luster. Other techniques used were stenciling and wet on wet. BTW Amber of Sweet Ambs just published a great tutorial on wet on wet designs over on YouTube  Latte Art Cookies. As is typical in my work fondant embellishments have been used which after drying were dusted with bronze luster dust. I also use the bronze dust to shade my cookies to give them an antique feeling.

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